06 March 2015

The Spring 2015 Newsletter is out!

The Spring 2015 Newsletter is out!
All 'Friends' should have one by now, whether as a printed copy by post or PDF by email, but if you have inadvertently been missed, or are having problems receiving attachments, then please do get in touch and we will rectify this immediately.
It includes the usual price list of much of the available merchandise. For the full range please contact Llyn Chapman - contact details within the price list - who will be delighted to help with your present shopping or general purchases.
The pages are still a little down, so please get your 'pen and paper' out and send in some letters / articles for inclusion in the next one, and remember those photos!
If you would like to advertise accommodation you have available, please do get in touch and that can be included in the next newsletter also.
On the pdf send front, I have had a number of returns saying bad email address, so those 'Friends' will be getting a hard copy in the post with a request to email with your correct address; and those struggling with the attachment will also get a hard copy by post, please let me know.
Much good cheer to all...

17 February 2015

Apple's anniversary

Apple one year on, happy in her new home.
Visitors to the website may remember the picture of her with the same owner's black and white lurcher a year ago. She is also best friends with a black whippet, Tom.