25 September 2014


Enidmouse lives with British portrait artist Stuart Pearson Wright and family:
"Enidmouse has been a steadfast part of our family since 2008. She is a gentle dog who never reacts adversely to the indignities brought upon her by our three year old son. Yet that butter-wouldn't-melt-in-my-mouth look belies a devious character who will not think twice about stealing food from a table as soon as my back is turned. She has been known to steal a sandwich from someone's hand in a park and perform a glory run."
The attached photo shows Enidmouse with Delilah.

11 August 2014

Miss Fish - rehomed

Miss Fish belonged to our very first, and now late, Treasurer, Joy Fisher, who died recently at the age of 93. This little black bitch is 15 years old and was taken in by JR Whippet Rescue after Joy's death a few months ago. Her new owner, Sue Tyler, lives in Berkshire and has taken several of the Rescue's really old whippets. She is the daughter of the Griffiths who were co-owners of the well known Chancerick Whippets. She says, 'This was JR Whippet Rescue at its very best. With only a couple of days' notice, intrepid Trustee, Sue Shakespeare, and her husband Kevin, set off from Essex to Kent. When they arrived at their destination, the road was closed and they had to pick their way through debris and dug up drains to reach the house, then walk the three back to the car again. They then drove to Berkshire where Sue Tyler met them with Lilah Wainman, who has since rehomed the other two whippets, a mother and daughter, together.'
Sue's other whippet, Mr Fox, at 14 years old, also a Rescue, has introduced Miss Fish to her new life. She only has one eye, but has adapted very well, is very happy and very feisty. She bullies poor Mr Fox who has been with Sue for nearly two years now, but he doesn't seem to mind.
We are very grateful to Sue for taking her.