30 November 2014

Phoebe, Friend of Maureen James

Phoebe came to me just before Christmas 2010 and was brought to me (I live near Market Harborough) from Powys by Elaine Day, of Celtic Moon Whippets, who had been fostering her. Because she came with her vaccination card, which contained her date of birth, I know she was born in 2004. She has quite an unusual background history in that she was handed in to a Greyhound Rescue centre by her original owner, despite her being a small whippet. She quickly found a new home with a lady who happened to know Elaine and Elaine would have Phoebe to stay when the lady was away, and had her when she went into hospital. Unfortunately, the lady died in hospital, so Elaine fostered Phoebe until she came to me. Phoebe had originally been called 'Fizz' and was renamed by her second owner, and sometimes I can see why she might have been called that when she has a 'mad moment'!
Since about 1993 I have had some six Rescues, all of them, without exception, being delightful dogs who settled into my home routine with ease, all loving accompanying me everywhere in the car and all wonderful companions to me. Phoebe is devoted to me and especially to her companion blue whippet bitch and they are very 'hugger mugger' together and never far away from each other. I count myself very lucky to have Phoebe. I have a small grandson and I believe that in her first home Phoebe must have been with children as she adores him and behaves in a very loving way towards him.
Thank you, Whippet Rescue, for all that you do for these wonderful dogs who, in cases through no fault of their own, find themselves without homes and people to love them.
Maureen James

28 October 2014

The Autumn 2014 Newsletter is out!

The Autumn 2014 Newsletter is out!
All 'Friends' should have one by now, whether as a printed copy by post or PDF by email, but if you have inadvertently been missed, or are having problems receiving attachments, then please do get in touch and we will rectify this immediately.
It includes the usual price list of much of the available merchandise. For the full range please contact Llyn Chapman - contact details within the price list - who will be delighted to help with your present shopping or general purchases. There are some new and old Christmas cards and a 2015 Calendar, if you hurry!
Please let us know if an interactive form would be of use to you and we can send one to you by email.
The pages are a little down on last time, so please get your 'pen and paper' out and send in some letters / articles for inclusion in the next one, and remember those photos!
If you would like to advertise accommodation you have available, please do get in touch and that can be included in the next newsletter also.
Much good cheer to all...