19 March 2013

Winning ways

Champion Shalfleet Simply a Lord

The breeders of pedigree dogs are often attacked in the press, yet be assured, responsible whippet breeders have always been intent on producing athletic, healthy hounds with the best of temperaments*.

Thankfully most of those whippets will never need rehoming and will instead live happy lives with their life-long owners. And some of them will achieve great things. Playful and affectionate companions, whippets also excel on the track, in the agility ring, and at show. And to be crowned Best of Breed at Crufts, that has to be the pinnacle of achievement.

This years Crufts Best of Breed winner, Champion Shalfleet Simply a Lord, call name Troy, went on to be placed a well deserved Reserve Best of Group. Troy's breeder and owner, Jane Wilton-Clark, has kindly forwarded some photographs of Troy to us so that we might share them with you. Perhaps you'd join with us in congratulating Jane and her stunning boy.

*Without dedicated breeders many of the dedicated breed rescues wouldn't exist. Founded by Joanna Russell of Martinsell fame over 40 years ago JR Whippet Rescue is a case in point.

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